Figurines of wood

Our wooden decorations are figurines that draw on motifs from the child's universe but their design is so that you can easily place them in your living room or office. Use them as expressions of your inner child. We all carry childhood memories with us, but rarely do we let these find their way into our adult life. Life is a continued experience, and our childhood memories are fundamental to our adult life.

Wood is beautiful

There is something soothing and relaxing about wood. This natural color and texture is the perfect material for interior decorations, especially in a predominantly white interior design. Danish design is about simple and natural expressions, in both materials and form. Our wooden decorations are designed to fit into this way of understanding interior design, whether it be for the children's room, the living room or even an office setting. Look through our figurines and find those that speak to you the most. Maybe they would be a perfect fit in your home or office.