Design vases

One of the more important parts of interior design is the vase. The vase is, like the painting, a purely aesthetic object. It is there to present the flowers you have brought home and as such, it is the permanent part of your flower decoration that otherwise changes from week to week. Our vision of the pot and the vase is one of simple and playful presentation. In our collection of pots and vases you will find the OYOY Living Design signature, which is the use of earthy and pastel colors, and naive shapes. We design vases to make you smile and to make the soft, natural colors support your choice of flowers.

Vases in Scandinavian design

Scandinavian and Nordic design is all about using materials, colors and shapes from nature, and bringing them to life in a simple and minimalist design. The aim is to achieve a sort of natural, down to earth elegance, and we feel this is very much accomplished in our collection of pots and vases. Scandinavian design is subtle and brings memories of nature into the home. We hope that these pots and vases will inspire you when you pick flowers in the wild, or when you buy them at the florist.

We design vases

At OYOY Living Design we design pots and vases with a joyful approach. We want to create interior decor that makes you smile and adds a touch of natural color and shape to your living spaces. Look through the collection and find a vase of your liking.

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