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Another record-breaking year for OYOY Living Design

Another record-breaking year for OYOY Living Design

With revenue growth of 39 percent, 2021 was yet another record-breaking year for the Danish company OYOY Living Design in Herning. More than 500 new customers have joined during the year, despite the lack of presence at trade fairs in 2021 due to Covid-19. The result before taxes was EUR 1,1 Mio.

It is primarily the large European markets and e-tailers that have driven the growth forward, just as digital sales directly to end-users have contributed to the result.

“We are very proud of this year’s result and send our greatest appreciation to all who contributed to this achievement. It has been a year influenced by both successes and periods of difficult conditions, which have placed great demand on our skilled employees in Denmark, our business partners, agents, distributors, and suppliers,” states Søren Anker Hansen, CEO, and co-owner of OYOY Living Design.

Optimistic expectations for 2022 despite high freight rates

CEO, and co-owner, Søren Anker Hansen has positive expectations to the coming year despite the lack of security in the supply chain and high freight rates, which have been multiplied throughout 2021. “We are confident after a satisfying first quarter of 2022, but the situation in the world and the freight rates continue to challenge our business. Due to this, it is difficult to predict if 2022 overall will provide progress at the same level as 2021,” states Søren Anker Hansen.

New OYOY Living Design headquarter is on the way

This year, OYOY Living Design celebrates 10-year anniversary and takes the first sod for a new headquarter, which is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2023. The new headquarter will be located in scenic surroundings close to Herning and will host administration, modern showroom facilities, and a high-bay warehouse geared for future growth.

 Celebrating 10 YEARS

“The new surroundings will to a much greater degree form the framework for our company’s creative universe, the environment for employees and business partners, as well as our customers can visit and feel inspired. We look forward to welcoming everyone,” says Lotte Fynboe, founder, co-owner, and Creative Director of OYOY Living Design.

Introducing the new sub-brand OYOY ZOO

The new sub-brand OYOY ZOO will be launched during summer 2022. A brand for our dear four-legged friends with an emphasis on high quality, exclusive materials, and an expression in line with the existing OYOY Living Design collections.

OYOY Living Design is represented by more than 3.200 retailers in more than 50 countries around the world.

"Our Memories design Homes”

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