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A warm Welcome to The HOME of OYOY

A warm Welcome to The HOME of OYOY

This season, we are introducing our new home: The HOME of OYOY. Our surroundings are a constant source of inspiration, and therefore, the framework of our everyday life is essential for us to continuously capture memories and incorporate them into our designs.


The HOME of OYOY is located in beautiful natural surroundings on Bitsovvej near Herning and the historic Bitsovgård, where the Scandinavian trend institute PEJ Group is headquartered. The property covers approximately 12,000 square meters in a scenic, sloping location. OYOY had a specific desire to construct the building in a natural setting with a focus on honest material choices, sustainability, and biodiversity in respect for the surrounding nature.


We are thrilled to invite you into our new, inspiring surroundings where you'll have the opportunity to explore all our universes: OYOY Living, OYOY MINI, and OYOY Zoo.

Just as our designs do, our new architectural surroundings will make us and future generations feel at home.


To book an appointment, please feel free to reach out to us.