Delays in Deliveries

As already informed, we are all still heavily affected by the Covid-19 situation and its influence on the world-wide freight situation, and this will unfortunately continue in the coming months. During the months of May and June, we have been working on optimizing the remaining deliveries of the SS2021 collection and other products, but we are not succeeding in this as we wished. Overall, it affects our expectations to ourselves at OYOY Living Design and we apologize for the delays in the deliveries you might have experienced or will experience in the coming months. Make no mistake though; we continuously do everything in our power together with our freight partners to find flexible solutions for on-time deliveries to you and your end-consumers. 

We can only continuously encourage you to order your desired OYOY Living Design items when they are available in stock or available for pre-order, as there may be a risk for longer delivery time on the next deliveries during the second half of 2021. 

Finally, we are here for you to answer any questions you might have. Information on updated delivery dates on stock in Denmark and your expected delivery dates on product level - whatever you need. Please reach out to us in Denmark or your local sales agent for more information. Find contact information in the bottom of the e-mail.

Raw Material and Price Increases

As another consequence, the Covid-19 situation unfortunately also affects the raw material prices world-wide and thereby our overall supply chain. Our suppliers are facing heavy raw material increases, just as the shipping and freight costs are very challenged compared to the level of 2020. These two factors will without a doubt be reflected in the future price structure and therefore we wish already now to inform you of increases in our prices on various products from August 2021 - the launch of OYOY Living Design's AW2021 collection. We are still not able to give you a full overview on the impact yet and we will turn every stone in order to avoid unnecessary increases, but the coming 8 - 12 weeks will reveal a lot on this matter.