Tablecloths & napkins

Dinner with family and friends is so central to life at home. We at OYOY Living Design have designed tablecloths and napkins to create a both nostalgic and beautiful setting for your dinners. By using the classic grid pattern and simple colors, we look back to past generations and the life lived by the dinner table. The ritual of eating together brings memories and creates new ones, and we want to weave this into the very design of the napkins and tablecloth.

Napkins and tablecloths in the grid pattern

The grid pattern is an age-old pattern going back to the decoration found in the home of your grandparents and the restaurants and cafés of old. At the same time, the grid pattern is still modern, it doesn’t simply imply nostalgia. Good design transcends eras in time and this is why we have designed our napkins and tablecloths this way. OYOY Living Design is contemporary Danish design set on the shoulders of childhood memories. Simple colors and patterns guide the way to a home which is both visually appealing and emotionally laden.

Dinner with a tablecloth and napkins

Having dinner with a beautiful tablecloth and matching napkins is in and by itself a great ritual, drawing on the history of the dinner as an important moment in the family life. We want to inspire warm and heartfelt moments around the dinner table with our collection of napkins and tablecloths. Take a look at our collection and see if something would be perfect in your home.

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