Kitchen interior design

The kitchen is in many ways the heart of the home. It is not only here we make our food, it is also oftentimes the place where we gather and even where our kids play, as we wash the dishes or prepare the food. In our collection of design objects for the kitchen you will find colors, shapes and motifs that seek to beautifully frame this kitchen life. You will find earthen colors and simple patterns. A design ideal guided by classic simplicity. 

Kitchen design ideas

We believe that a kitchen should be playful and beautiful without distracting the functional needs of a kitchen. If you want to add a dash of elegance then we propose our brass coaster or tray, Oka. Or for a more nostalgic feeling, how about one of our Momo pinstriped aprons. If you want a natural expression, our Niji towels come in an array of earthy color tones. In the same color scheme, you can find our Mio wash tubs.

Kitchen design from Denmark

The design philosophy of OYOY Living Design is that of playfulness and nostalgic memories set within the tradition of Danish design. Our kitchen objects are thought to provoke both a smile and a souvenir of a summer home or that autumn trip to your grandparents’ house that you hold dear. We try to bring this to life, all the while adhering to the minimalist style of Danish design. We hope that you share our vision and that you will find objects that inspire your thoughts and feelings in your kitchen.

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