Bathroom interior design ideas

If you are looking for bathroom design ideas, then you might be able to find some by going through our collection for the bathroom. If you equip your bathroom with our towels and baskets, and keep your materials in the same color tones, you will be able to design your bathroom with a certain mood in mind. A mood and atmosphere that draws its inspiration from the natural world and the tradition of simple, Danish design. Add some Pif Paf Puf hanging storage bowls and the room becomes more delicate and elegant.

Ideas for your bathroom decor

The bathroom deserves beautiful decor and towels should also be considered a part of this. When you hang your towels to dry, it makes such a difference, if the towel is a part of the interior design idea, and not just an old white towel. Look through our many different towel designs and other bathroom decor, and find just the thing, to liven up your bathroom.