Decorating a home or a room from scratch can be a little difficult. Where do you start? Here at OYOY, we've put together 6 tips and trics to help making your home unique and personal. Get inspired with our ideas and just get started.

1. Forms and colors

Personalize your home by combining different colors and shapes. Colors add a fresh and personal touch to a room, and can be the factor that breaks up the often monochrome walls in a home. Colors bring lots of joy to the rooms of your home and will contribute to a unique interior style. You can also mix the shapes of interior, for example the organic shapes combined with the squared shapes, and then you get a more special expression for your home. Interior in different colours and shapes can give you your very own style, while creating cosiness and personality in your home. Do not worry about making your own style by mixing things!

2. Plants and flowers in the rooms

Fresh up your home with green plants or colourful flowers in beautiful vases, and create a personal and cosy space both inside and outside. Plants and flowers add life to your home and are the finishing touch to your decor. Flowers and plants can be placed in any room of your home and will brighten up any decor. You can also mix different types of plants and flowers to create a more personal look. Remember that green plants contribute to a good indoor climate because they help to add oxygen to the room.

3. Mixed types of furniture

Furniture with different designs can be mixed advantageously. This will give the room a different look and a more personal style. The colours and materials of the furniture do not necessarily have to be the same, so don't be afraid to mix and match as you want. For example you can mix the colours of your chairs or you can mix both old and new furniture. There is no rules when mixing the designs of your furniture.

4. Mix of materials

By mixing the materials in your interior design, you are creating a personal look. Don't be afraid to mix different materials - it could be wood combined with steel, or it could be soft and fine materials combined with raw materials. That will make a different look, a different texture, and create a beautiful contrast.

5. Lot of lighting in the home

Make a mix of floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps of different kinds. Lighting gives the room a cosy and warm atmosphere, and a feeling of a little more space in the room. For a unique look, mix and match lamps in different colours, shapes and sizes. For example, use lamps in different corners of your home to create a special cosiness. Lamps don't just have to create more light, they can also be part of your other decor.

6. Cushions and blankets in your interior design

With blankets and cushions in your home, you're inviting in the cosiness. It may seem like a small detail, but has a big influence on your interior design. Use cushions and blankets with different patterns and put on your chairs, benches or the couch so that they are visible. Blankets, cushions and other textiles really do add an extra touch to your home and give that final touch.