For interior décor enthusiasts, rugs are not only meant for floors. On the contrary, a stylish wall rug can infuse any room with some much-needed art and color. The right design will instantly make your space look cozy and chic.

We provide wall rugs and wallhangers that are suited for any room. Our wall rugs are made of 80 % wool and 20 % cotton. They come with a wooden stick for hanging purposes. Have you seen our popular Rainbow motifs? They will surely brighten up any room.

Wallhangers at OYOY Living Design

Wallhangers is another home décor addition that is worth having in your space. Our wallhangers can be used the same way as a wall rug is but offer a different aesthetic. Depending on the kind of ambiance you are going for, they can even work together to create a harmonious space.

However, finding wall rugs & Wallhangers that complement each other can be quite daunting. You might find one that does not match the other. This is not the case for us at OYOY Living Design though. Our wallhanger animal collection pairs perfectly with our wall rug rainbow collection. The two can be masterfully paired together in a childs room for a comforting and inviting aesthetic. All our wallhangers are made of 95 % wool and 5 % cotton.

Where can you Get the Perfect Wall Rugs and Wallhangers?

One of the best places to get wallhangers and wall rugs is on our website at OYOY. We have high-quality wall rugs and wallhangers that are made in Europe. Upon placing your order, you can get your wall rug and wallhangers shipped to you anywhere in Europe.