Kids room

Bring design and gentle colors into your kid’s room. At OYOY Living Design we love designing for children and their parents. In our collection of everyday objects for kids you will find a plethora of things both useful and playful. We strive to use simple and soft colors that won’t fight for your attention but will simply add to the visual landscape of your kid’s room. Our motifs are naive and joyful without falling into clichés of boy and girl.

Colors in your kids’ room

We believe that kids' rooms should be colorful but in a way that is relaxing and inspiring, not a cacophony of bright competing colors. Therefore, you will find pastel colors and natural earth colors in our collection. This is both agreeable for your child, and makes it so that your kid’s room will look great with the rest of your home.

Kids’ room rugs

Do you feel that your kid’s room needs a soft touch? We recommend a playful rug, to both improve the acoustics of the room, and give a soft area to play on. Rugs are important in kids’ rooms because they help either center the room, or create small areas of focus. Children spend most of their playing time sitting on the floor, so if you have a wooden floor, then rugs make your kid’s playtime much more comfortable.

Look through our collection of rugs and other objects for your kid’s room. We hope that you find the motifs and colors that you adore.

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