Racks & Wall hooks

Is your entrance or hall a bit lacking? This part of the home is often forgotten when we find design objects for the home. But even though this is a part of the living space that is only seen for a brief moment of entry and exit, it is still worth giving some of your attention. You can easily add a touch of style by simply mounting some beautiful wall hooks or a coat rack. In this collection of wall hooks and coat racks you will find objects created in the philosophy as the rest of the OYOY Living Design collection.

Racks and pin hooks by design

We have designed our pin hooks and coat racks with simple shapes and natural materials. If you prefer wood, we have several options for you. If you are more into metals, then a brass pin hook will ensure elegance in your hall or entrance. If you want a playful solution that is in touch with the natural world, then our Planet Hook might be just right for you.

Danish design in the entrance

Your entrance is what you and your guests see as the first and last thing. Even though it is just for a moment, this moment is important. It sets the stage for the rest of your home, and therefore we think that the entrance should be given its fair share of attention. We hope you’ll find something in our collection for your own entrance or hall.

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