Welcome to our dreamy MINI universe

With the idea of being a brand for the whole family, it is important to create designs for everyone in the family. Our MINI universe is a fun and playful universe filled with cute accessories and interior for kids and playful souls. The universe encourages creativity and play and creates the perfect setting where new memories can be created.


The children's room is the child's own sanctuary, and the room should create a setting for play, creativity, but also rest and relaxation. We believe, that in the digital yet hectic world we all live in, it is important that the little ones develop their imagination and creativity through play. Create an inspiring and harmonious environment that make space for all the needs of your little one.

The MINI collection consists of children's furniture that is so classic that the adults want to decorate with them in all rooms of the home. The small Arca Bench will adorn the living room and the Arca Chair is ideal in the children's room but is designed for several purposes. It can also be used as a bedside table or as a stool in the kitchen. Explore a wide selection of textiles including bedding, rugs, wall hangers, and cushions in fun shapes, all with beautiful details and alluring color combinations which all create a cozy atmosphere. Throughout the collection, you will find designs with animals that immediately seem recognizable to the child, and which certainly create joy and smiles.

Create small corners and spaces inside the children’s room. Decorate a corner with the Arca furniture, where the child can sit around with siblings and friends and be creative. Make a cozy corner around the bed with the Canopy, which allows the child to relax and cuddle up with soft cushions and Best Friends. The dear Best Friends are our beloved soft family members which will be the perfect friend for the little one. They are soft to cuddle when it is bedtime and is a faithful companion when it is time for adventure. 


Influenced by traditional Danish design, the products are redesigns of childhood memories. Based on these memories unique products are created focusing on form and shape meeting functionality. Explore recognizable designs and phenomena from childhood such as the beautiful rainbow. The mysterious beauty of the rainbow has fascinated and inspired people throughout time. In childhood, we have seen the rainbow out of the window in the children’s room, out of the car window on a drive, on a walk with the family, on a holiday or somewhere completely different. It comes out of the blue, and the amazing color play in the bow always seems enchanting and magical to us.

We all have them: the memories. The best memories are often from childhood and therefore it is an important task as an adult to create experiences and memories with the children - preferably with other generations in the family. Adults must together with the child create a room that encourages the little one to invite the family and friends into their completely own space and makes them want to spend time in there.

Welcome to our dreamy MINI universe, that presents childhood memories filled with joy and love.

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