Behind the design // HAGI


Hagi is a series inspired by the Japanese Hagi Pottery, which is a well-known and year-old type of ceramic. The original Hagi ceramic is traditionally originated from the town of Hagi, Yamaguchi in Japan and has been created and loved for more than 400 years. 

The Hagi series from OYOY Living Design is characterized by an earthy feel, soft clay and shape, which are aesthetically notable. The unique, soft feel and warm colors complement the Nordic decor and the simple and elegant expression of the Hagi ceramic makes it effortlessly fit into many different homes. The simplicity of the series allows you to express exactly the style you personally like - whether you are aiming for a playful or minimalistic expression. The series is made of stoneware and fired in around 1250 degrees which make it a bit more porous yet elegant compared to other types of ceramic.

The series make up a collection of tableware, pots, and vases all handmade, making each piece truly unique. Set up a beautiful table with bowls and cups from the series and enjoy the beauty of one of the vases in the windowsill. What makes it unique is the simplicity and use of raw materials that maintains it original texture of the stoneware in all pieces.

"We believe that handmade products create a new dimension of exclusivity and personality to our designs - In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations."


Ceramics have really come into focus and is seen incorporated in many homes today. We have seen a growing interest in ceramics and natural materials, a need to implement the handmade and unique in our homes as a contrast to the hectic and digital world we all live in. It is more about creating opportunities to disconnect, slowing down and be more present in everyday life.

Today, we are longing for the 'imperfectly perfect' home where we can be the most real version of ourselves. The search for the 'imperfectly perfect', and the feeling it gives us when implementing handmade products in our homes, has arisen. We are searching for small flaws and unevenness than ever before because of that authentic feeling. It is not only the function of a product that is important. Its aesthetic expression and beauty of a handmade product mean as much to us.

“You feel a sense of calm when looking at the softness of the clay.”

The faster everyday life becomes, the more we want to slow down. We all need to be reminded of living life a bit slower, with more quality, purity, and nearness. When bringing in natural materials and neutral, muted shades to the decor, it creates a calm and balancing atmosphere that invites us to slow down and be in the moment. When focusing on living life consciously, gratefully, and meaningfully while being surrounded by beauty and craftmanship, we become more connected to mother earth, society and importantly ourselves.

The home is the heart of the family. It is our safe space and our emotional nest where we can be completely ourselves with no expectations and less stress. Mostly important to spend time together creating memories. When spending time together in beautiful and harmonious surroundings the feeling of togetherness will reinforce.

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