ARTICLE // Mariët van der Kooij


Inspiring others is one of Mariët's favorite hobbies. Many followers are daily inspired by her beautiful photos on Instagram, which provide ideas for a beautiful decor with creative solutions.

Mariët is 35 years old and lives in a small village called Leusden in the Netherlands with her boyfriend Tim, 33, and their sons Peppe, 5, and Nox, 2. Mariët works in a nursery with babies from 0-2 years.

Her hobby is interior design. She is always busy changing interiors, painting, creating new corners, moving furniture, decorating with accessories, and making pictures of it, to show it on her Instagram feed, to inspire others. She believes that Instagram is actually her favorite hobby.

Instagram is also the place where she finds inspiration herself; "I can spot trends right away and implement it in my own decor". Mariët describes her style in decor as light, warm & romantic.

The basis of Mariët's decor is the white color and she explains that she generally feels most comfortable with light and soft colors. She always works with a color palette of 2 or 3 colors and never uses more colors than that. Right now, it is the colors brown, beige and nude that are in focus.

Mariët is always looking for 'balance', so for her, it is best to use the same colors in accessories and furniture so that everything fits perfectly. It pleases her. 

The family has lived in their home for 1.5 years and when they bought it, it was very old and not to their liking. They had to rebuild all parts of the house; walls, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc. Now the garden is ready and that was the last part of this round.

But Mariët never sits still, so she can always dream of new projects, like renovating the ceiling or adding tiles to her kitchen or changing the wallpaper. 

When we ask about how Mariët prioritizes investing in new interiors, her answer is: “I’m a sucker for new designs when things are of good quality.  But you can also find second-hand furniture and stuff in my interior in combination with handmade things like the bench in my garden and the wardrobe in our bedroom. I just love this combination; I think it makes it more unique and makes it more ‘you’”. 

In relation to traditions and memories from childhood, which are important for Mariët to continue in her own family, she answers: “When I was a kid, I saw how nice it was to live in a light, cozy, and cleaned-up home. My mother inspired me to do the same. Now, when someone is in my home for the first time and they feel warmness and coziness, that makes me happy! 

We love being at home and around the home, so it must be our special place where we can be ourselves. Now the garden is finished, and we enjoy all our free time there. Tim loves to cook on the big grill, the kids love to play in the area, and I love to make it cozy and tidy”. Mariët's favorite Christmas tradition is gatherings, dinners with lots of food and playing games.

Although it has been possible throughout the pandemic to decorate the home and inspire others on Instagram, there is still something else that Mariët has missed and looked forward to doing again:

What she has missed most during the pandemic is going to restaurants and bars with her friends, drinking some wine, talking, and laughing all night, as well as meeting new people. Or visiting the zoo or the swimming pool with her boys.

If you want to see more and be inspired by Mariët's exciting universe, follow her Instagram profile @missjettle